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We found broken porcelain causing backups in this sewer line.
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We removed 18 feet of roots from this subsurface drain.
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  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning with Grease & Root
    Cutting Blades to Remove Tough Blockages

  • Water Jet Cleaning to Pressure Wash the Inside
    of Your Pipes up to 250ft with 3000 PSI

  • Video Pipe Inspection to Diagnose Recurring
    Sewer & Drain Problems

  • Location and Depth of Underground Sewer &
    Drain Pipe. Know where and how deep to dig!

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  • Warranty Up To 30 Days

  • Fully Insured

  • 23 Years Experience

  • Louisiana Licensed Master Plumber # 5530

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"Slow Drains? Call Today!"
Kendra B. on 8/23/2012 @

"Thank you some much for the prompt and fast service.  Our
kitchen sink plugged up and after draino didn't fix it, we called
Hebert Drain Care.  Lenny and his team were able to come out
the next morning and take care of the situation.  They were
professional, quick and reasonably priced.  I appreciate the
service and like I said when you were here, the kitchen sink has
never drained so well.  Thanks again!"

Laurence F. on 5/14/12 @ &

"Called 2 other companies to estimate unclogging lavatory
drain. They wanted from $225 to $295 to repair the drain.
Called Hebert Drain Care and they estimate was $120. He
called the day before the appointment to see if he could come
that day. Was not at home. He came the next day at the
appointed time. In 1 hour he had the repair completed. Prompt,
professional, clean and polite. Great company to do business

Brent A. on 2/02/12 @ &

"On time, great quality work, fair and reasonable prices.  The
only guy that took the time to find the correct cleanout.  Lenny
gets my highest recommendation.  I'm pretty picky, so I can say
he is the only serviceman that has impressed me in many years.
Will give his cards to all of my family and friends."

Robert P. on 3/02/11 @

"Thank you so much for the excellent work performed by you.  
Lenny was the second company out to our house.  The first was
unable to properly clean the drain, they tried three times and
finally said "See it's fixed", and stormed off. Lenny came the
next day and used the water jet, wow drain was clear, why didn't
the other company try that?  Thanks so much! Long story short
- call Hebert Drain Care first."

Marlene B. on 11/22/10 @

"I would recommend Lenny to others in need of a plumber.
Fixed my plumbing problem and did more than I expected to
open the clogged drain in my kitchen. Such a pleasant person
too. I felt he was very reasonable in what he charged for the
job. Thanks Lenny for job well done."

y b n....01 on 11/02/10 @

"highly recommend -‎‎ did a great job and more for a very
reasonable price. thanks"

Reginald H. on 9/10/10 @

"This is by far the best service I have every had. Mr.Lenny
knows what he's doing. I call (company name omitted by owner)
to do the same job and and they could not do it. Hebert Drain
Care came out I got the job done. Don't wait to call this guy is

Emily N. on 6/26/10 @

"Finally a company that doesn't try to rip people off! Great
service! I would recommend to anyone, anytime!"

also Emily on 6/26/10 @

"I have a home warranty and of course they let me down. So I
called a friend of mine who would give me a good referral and
he immediately recommended Hebert Drain Care. My friend had
dealt with Lenny at his place of business and knew that I would
be in good hands! After 2 months of dealing with my clog IT
HAS FINALLY been resolved! Thank you for everything!

Michael F. on 4/19/2013 @

"Gentleman arrived on time which was appreciated right from
the get-go.  He was professional and very cordial. He was quick
to assess the problem, and, luckily for both him (it was drizzling
and chilly),and me, he managed to clear the drain from under
the faucet area. I was relieved, also, because our new roof was
less than two weeks old, and I really wasn't looking forward to
anyone getting on it (lol). He took his time to make sure that all
appeared to be running smoothly again. I would certainly use
his services again and not hesitate to refer him to anyone. P.S. I
did find him through Angie's List."

Charlotte M. on 4/17/2013 @

"Owner himself came same day I called. Explained prices in
beginning very clearly and then cleaned drains. Had to remove
one toilet to reach sewer pipe. Cleaned up perfectly Polite and
cheerful. I'll call him again if needed work was done in 33 year
old house that needs repairs."

Aaron O. on 3/02/2013 @

"I had a clog caused by roots on my main sewer line which
forced my washer to drain into my toilet and tub. Mike cleared
out the clog on the main sewer line and one in the washer line.
Mike arrived promptly and presented a professional demeanor.
Mike troubleshooted the clog and after trying to clear the clog
from the roof, tried from the front of the house and was able to
clear what appears to be roots from Fern plants that got
through my pipe."
Thank you for considering us

 Customer Reviews

"We want to say a special thank you to those customers who
found time to review us online."

    Thank You, Lenny Hebert

What our customers are saying about us.

Katie W. on 08/27/16 @

"It went great and has as we have worked together for 5+ years."

Chris F. on 07/20/16 @

"I have used Hebert Drain Care for several years for all of our
drain issues. They have been my number 1 go to company for all
drain issues with my rental properties on both the Southshore &
Northshore of Greater New Orleans. Lenny was recommended to
me years ago when he set up his business and I must say I have
never had a bad experience with his company. He is extremely
professional and and as a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the
State of Louisiana and a property manager with 25 years
experience I highly recommend his company. The job is always
fixed right the first time and is left cleaner than when he arrived. I
promise you will never call another drain cleaning company again!"

Brian P. on 04/20/16 @

We have used Hebert Drain care several times. Most recently,
Lenny helped us find a sewer line break during a purchase
inspection. He is always professional
and thorough.

Yanfeng Q. @

"We are trying to sell our house. The plumbing inspector found
our lines are too dirty to finish the inspection. I called  Lenny and
discussed with him.  I was surprised that Lenny said it can be done
the next day. The technician works really hard on our sewer
system (Main line, kitchen drain, bath tubs etc). After the cleaning,
our tubs water runs super quick. I should do it early!!!!  Later on,
the buyer plumbing inspector came in and finished the inspection.  
He said Lenny's group did a wonderful work to clean the lines.  
Thank you, Lenny!"

Eliza B. on 07/27/2015 @

"He was prompt, professional and friendly, and was able to come
by the next morning when we called at 4:30 in the afternoon. The
quality of work was very good, he was on time and we were
charged exactly what we were initially quoted. I'd be happy to call
them again if we have any further drain problems."

Neil C. on  06/30/2015 @

"Everything went terrific with them. There were no issues at all.
They were great and did a good job."

Colleen W. on 07/14/2015 @

"Went great. Got same day service. Very prompt and professional.
I would use them again and would recommend them."

Mike M. on 06/12/2015 @

"Lenny was great! He didn't try to pull the wool over my eyes. He
did a great job was very professional and informative. He gave me
some recommendations as to the prevention of future clogs. His
price was very fair for the amount of work and time he spent on my
problem. I would and have recommended him to folks with drain

T. P. on 07/21/2015 @

"Oh my!  total blockage of our kitchen sink and garbage disposal!
It took just one phonecall the next morning to Hebert Drain Care
and Lenny scheduled us immediately in for the afternoon. What a
service! Only a few hours later, he sent Michael our way. He
worked on the drain in a clean and professional manner. As the
first cleaning obviously wasnt enough, he had to go back in.
Without much ado, he opened up the plumbing again. This time
he went back and forth 5x times and the nasty problem was
resolved. He explained what he was doing, was courteous,
reasonably priced (gave seniors discount) and cleaned everything
neatly up at the end. In short: fast and wonderful service! If you
ever have a plumbing issue: call Hebert Drain Care to take care of

John S. on 08/02/2015 @

"After having a situation in the early morning hours, my call was
returned promptly.  The serviceman Mike arrived at the time I was
told.  He was very professional and could describe everything he
needed to do.  He was done quickly, and described everything he
found. He cleaned up after himself and left the job completed in an
A+ fashion. I have nothing but praise for their service!"

Vikki C. on 10/11/14 @

"Mr. Hebert explained what he was going to do after seeing what
the problem was. He was very professional and friendly. I called in
the morning and he said he'd be there some time in the afternoon
between 12 and 5. There were other jobs ahead of me and after
completing the other jobs he called to let me know he was on his
way. After completing the job he made sure the drain was flowing

David H. on 09/24/14 @

"Mr. Hebert cleaned out the lines below our house to eradicate a
slow drain in our laundry room.  To ensure job done correctly, Mr.
Hebert performed the task three times. Mr. Hebert did a great job.
He cleaned the pipes several times to ensure lines cleared.  He
then cleaned up any mess that occurred.  He wrapped things up
by providing tips on how to avoid issue again in the future as well
as offering to come back within 30 days in case the problem arises

Michael M. on 09/04/14 @

"Lenny Hebert quickly and efficiently cleared the main sewer drain,
and went the "extra mile" helping us diagnose other plumbing
issues we had to address. Mr. Hebert, although a fully licensed
plumber, restricts his practice to drains. He did not have to review
our other plumbing issues and made no extra money doing so -
but he was more than kind enough to take the time to help and
advise us. This speaks for itself as Lenny provides a level of
service and professionalism that I rarely see these days. Should I
need other drain work, there is no one else I will call. My highest

Heather S. on 1/15/2014 @

"Not only unclogged our toilet but retrieved the auger we had
managed to get stuck in it.  On a Saturday no less.   Then
returned and fixed it again for free when it clogged shortly after.

The details are a bit gross.  Let's just say the toilet was clogged.  
We had the brilliant idea we would save money and buy an auger
and unclog it ourselves.  Except we went to the end of the auger
length and didn't hit the clog and when we tried to get the auger
out it had caught on some mysterious part of the toilet.  My next
brilliant idea of using youtube to figure out how to take the toilet
off was nixed by the wife.  This happened on a Friday night.  Our
regular plumber let us know he wouldn't make it for the weekend
so we called Hebert's.  Lenny came out on Saturday and he was
professional, got the auger out after some exciting tinkering, got
out the clog, and spent some time educating us.  He gave us very
thoughtful and gave economical advice on a different brand toilet
that could avoid our problem since plumber visits could really add
up.  A few days later the toilet clogged again and we called him
again and he communicated with us clearly and promptly as to
when he could return, unclogged the toilet, didn't charge us and it
has been fine since then. We are planning on following his advice
before it can clog again!  Can't stress enough that he came
across as a decent, down to earth, professional and good guy."

Ronald S. on 1/14/2014 @

"Cleaned a stopped drain and completed the job in a timely and
professional manner. It was the day before New years eve and all
through the house no one was stirring not even a mouse for the
drains were backed up in our old house.  Hebert was prompt and
courteous.  No problems."

Paul D. on 11/30/2013 @

"Clean out washing machine drain.  Replaced 50 year old washer
drain line. He arrived timely.  He used a roto type drain cleaner
from the roof vent.  This did not open the drain.  He tried other
types of drain openers at the washing machine and still no
results.  He recommended replacement of the drain line from the
washer to the wall.  I agree.  He had all the tools and supplies
needed to do the job. When the job was complete he thoroughly
cleaned the whole work area including the walls.

The charges for the whole job was less then some companies
wanted for simple drain cleaning.

Plumber was a gentleman who went out of his way to finish the job
& clean up after himself.  Showed us everything he did and why."

Wayne C. on 9/27/2013 @

"Cleaned very stubborn clogs in 2 drain lines. Lenny was skilled
and extremely professional in handling my drain problems.
It was quite obvious that he wasn't just concerned about earning
his service fee, but was truly interested in his customer's
satisfaction with his service,

He went above and beyond by providing helpful information about
both the drain system that he was called out to service and also
unrelated other parts of my plumbing system.

One can only hope that other service industry companies rise to
this level of skill and concern for their customers."

Gail G. on 8/9/2013 @

"He did a video inspection of  two subsurface drains, found breaks
in each, and cleared one line. He did a great job.  He was punctual
and very fair.  He spent quite a bit of time here and drew a
detailed map for the contractor who was installing a new drainage
system for us.  A few months later when the contractor was putting
in the new lines and repairing the old, there was some confusion
about what they found underground.  We called Lenny, who
remembered the job, and was able to describe to him exactly
where (to the foot) the breakage was.  He is a very nice guy and I
wouldn't hesitate to use him again."

Noel B. on 6/10/2013 @

"My kitchen drain clogs every couple of years. First time using
them. They came within expected time period, was professional,
did clean up after work. Would definitely recommend to others and
use again. Reasonably priced."

Stacey E. on 5/27/2013 @

"Called today, Memorial Day, and they were very responsive,
professional and reasonably priced.  The young man that came
out ran into some difficulty and the owner then also came to the
house.  Within a couple of hours, all was resolved."